Welcome to my food blog – Mellow Masala. My blog represents a fusion of global cultures and foods. I believe food is a representation of culture and through this blog, I have tried to assimilate the richness of our global cultures.

The digital revolution has connected the global population materialistically, but our food is what connects us culturally and emotionally. I hope to create a sense of appreciation for our global traditions and the richness of foods in every culture.

I was born in India and moved to the USA about 20 years back. I still have strong family ties with India. I love traveling, cooking, photography, hiking, and reading. I love foods that showcase creativity and simplicity. Many of my recipes are inspirations from global cuisines and you will find a collection of recipes from India and other regions of the world. Readers will also find some not so common recipes that are my original creations.

My blog is intended for anyone who loves food and cooking. If you love exploring and experimenting with global cuisines, you will like my blog. My recipes try to capture the techniques, ingredients, and emotions associated. I am a vegetarian and hence you will find all my recipes have no meat. Occasionally you may find egg-based recipes. Before I publish a recipe in this blog, I make sure that I have prepared it multiple times and obtained feedback from my friends and family.

I started to cook when I was in my school and over the years cooking has developed into a passion and a hobby. As I traveled through the world (counting more than 30 countries), I started to connect the cultures, cuisines and developed a deep sense of appreciation for how every region in the world has so much to offer. Amidst all the chaos we live in today, cooking offers a meditative and therapeutic relief for me.

My greatest inspiration for cooking comes from my wife and 2 sons. They are my arch critics and best motivators. I work in the information technology industry and my job involves continuous learning, innovation, and experimentation. My passion for cooking is an extension of my love for technology and innovation.

I hope my recipes and articles bring new experiences and joy to the readers. As you read and try my recipes, please share your comments and feedback. I believe that I have a lot to learn and improvise. Your suggestions will help me to continue evolving as a better culinary artist and food blogger.