Muhammara – Roasted red pepper dip for perfect mezze

A savory and aromatic vegetarian spread/dip from the Mediterranean and North African region. Made with roasted red peppers, spices, walnuts, aromatic herbs, and a topping of pomegranate molasses, this dip has a perfect balance of taste, texture, and freshness. A great dish for parties and large groups, that can be prepared well in advance. All the veggies and nuts make this dish fiber-rich and healthy.

Roasted Asparagus with Chimichurri sauce – Easy recipe

Roasted Asparagus with Chimichurri sauce is a perfect recipe for a side dish on weekday dinners. Easy to prepare in under 15 minutes. The recipe combines the health benefits of asparagus and the herbs in chimichurri sauce. The umami taste of asparagus is complemented with the spicy-sour taste of chimichurri sauce, making this dish flavor-rich.