Veg fried hakka noodles

Popular Indo-Chinese street food with savory sauces and veggies

Veg fried Hakka noodles is a popular Indo-Chinese street food.  An easy-to-prepare recipe with shallow-fried Hakka noodles, julienned vegetables, and a mix of sauces gives this dish a smoky and umami flavor. The recipe is easily customizable to your taste and the ingredients available.  This recipe doesn’t require much advance preparation and can be prepared in under 45 minutes. A topping of spring onions and toasted sesame seeds completes the dish with a nice crunch.

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Difficulty: Intermediate Cook Time 20 mins
Servings: 2


Crispy Hakka noodles stir-fried with julienned vegetables and a mixture of sauces



Main noodles

Sauce Mixture


  1. Boiling the noodles
    • Bring water to boil in a large saucepan
    • Add 1/5th of the cooking oil
    • Break the noodles into the desired size and slowly dip them in boiling water
    • NOTE: Remove the noodles exactly after 3 minutes. 
    • Using a Strainer, remove the water
    • Hold the noodles under flowing cold water ( this will stop the cooking process and prevent the noodles from getting soggy)
    • Let the noodles rest while you prepare other ingredients





  2. Prepare the vegetables
    • Julienne carrots, cabbage, and green bell pepper 
    • Cut green beans into strips or 1-inch length pieces
    • If using frozen green beans, thaw them
    • Grate the ginger and garlic
    • Separate the green and white parts of the spring onions - cut them into thin rings

  3. Prepare the sauce mixture
    • It is important to mix all the sauces and sesame oil before adding them to the noodles - this will help to spread the taste uniformly
    • Add the Soy sauce, red chili sauce, vinegar, tomato ketchup, and sesame oil to a bowl and stir it well
  4. Shallow Frying the noodles ( Optional step )
    • This is an optional step - if you want fried crispy noodles 
    • Heat a large wok or non-stick frying pan on stovetop
    • Add 2/5th quantity of prescribed oil 
    • Once the oil is hot, add the boiled noodles by spreading them with your hands - so they don’t form a lump
    • Keeping the flame on high, stir every 45 seconds for about 6-8 minutes
    • Once the noodles start to get a crispy texture and change color, transfer them to a plate
    • This process will bring a nice smoky taste to the noodles and adds a crunch 

  5. Preparing the noodles
      • Heat a large wok on stovetop
      • Add the prescribed quantity of oil for preparing the noodles
      • Keep the flame on high heat as we want our veggies to get a light char and smoky flavor
      • Once the oil is hot, first add the carrots. Keep stirring for about a minute.
      • Add the green beans and stir for another 30 seconds
      • Next add the white part of spring onions, ginger and garlic
      • Stir for another minute until the raw smell of ginger-garlic disappears
      • Add the cabbage and green peppers - stir for another 1 minute
      • Add the sauce mixture and mix well
      • Add the noodles and give a good stir until the sauce and veggies are spread uniformly on the noodles
      • Once you mix the noodles, stir every 30 seconds. This will help to get a nice smokiness to the noodles and caramelization of the sauces. 
    • The total stir-frying process should not take more than 8-10 minutes









  6. Serving the noodles
    • Serve the noodles when they are hot and freshly made
    • Top the noodles with the green part of spring onions (cut into thin rings) and sesame seeds
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