Vegan Chorizo Salad Bowl

A healthy variation of the popular meat-based Chorizo dish suitable for vegans. “Vegan chorizo salad bowl” recipe is inspired by the Chipotle restaurant menu item. My recipe for vegan chorizo includes tofu, pea protein, crushed garlic, Chipotle chiles, smoked paprika, ripe tomato paste, allspice powder, and Mexican seasoning mix. To make the salad bowl, I have used lettuce, spiced black beans and pico de Gallo.  Easy to cook with minimal steps, this dish can be prepared in 30 minutes.

Muhammara – Roasted red pepper dip for perfect mezze

A savory and aromatic vegetarian spread/dip from the Mediterranean and North African region. Made with roasted red peppers, spices, walnuts, aromatic herbs, and a topping of pomegranate molasses, this dip has a perfect balance of taste, texture, and freshness. A great dish for parties and large groups, that can be prepared well in advance. All the veggies and nuts make this dish fiber-rich and healthy.